About us

My name is Mrs. Ferenc Reményi, we are raising Bernese Mountain Dogs together with my daughter, Krisztina. We live in Maglód (Hungary, Europe).
How it all started:

In 1984 I was about to buy a Saint Bernard puppy at a CACIB show, but there was no puppy fitting my notion. But I saw a little fluffy, full of fur puppy who I didn't even know about what race it belonged to. It was MONOSTORERDEI AVAR, our first Bernese, who died to a heart desease at the age of 8 years. As we first met I was fascinated by him, and I'm fascinated by Berneses since than. It was love at first sight, today I know it was love for ever. I couldn't imagine my life without Berners!

Our next Berner was a very conscious Bernese bitch, named KÁLVÁRIA-ALJAI HÉDA. These two dogs became the foundation animals of our kennel. Héda, who we were calling Granny as she got older, died at the age of 11 years of joint infaction. We are thinking of her even today with great love and respect, as she is the mother, grandmother or great-grandma of many of our beautiful dogs.
Luckily my daughter loves the Bernese Mountain Dog breed just like I do. It's important to me because I can be sure she will go on with my breeding program. She is already the one who is handling the dogs at shows and is earning many very good results with them! I'm very proud of her!!!
There are kennels where there is no continuation, I find it very sad.

I must admit I was involved in other breeds also. I was the first one owning a Pharao dog in Hungary, and I also had a Snauzer, but none of them could keep up with the Berners, who had and will always have first place in our life. I learned that every man chooses a dog to be his companion that is the closest to his soul. If not, the relation between dog and master will not be harmonic and well-balanced.

During the many years I'm involved in dogs I got to have a very good insight into people's character. There are cases when I tell the ones coming to visit the puppies that they are not getting a puppy from me. But I also try to help them finding the right breed. Of course not everybody takes my advice and gets a puppy from another breeder. That is up to them, but I want my Bernese Mountain Dog puppies to get the best owners, who are loving and taking care of them. If the new owner is ready to attend shows with the puppy, we are very happy and do whatever we can to prepare them for the shows.

We are proud that our kennel is known in Europe. We have many dogs abroad who are having success at shows. We also take our dogs abroad to shows and try to attend all the important dog-events: World and European dog shows, spcialities. This in fact takes a lot of time and energy, but I think it's worth, at least the results show that. I would like to thank all of our puppy owners for earning so many great results. I can proudly say we had 4 class winners from our kennel at the speciality in 2002!

Last but not least we thank our Berners for getting us many great friends during the years.

The motto of my life goes as following:


If you are interested in a puppy or want to learn more about our dogs, please contact us for more information!

Krisztina Reményi
Hungary, 2234 Maglód Rákóczi utca 30.